Public Relations & Advertising

Work Examples.

Solid writing is the foundation to all publicity and promotional platforms. View my work by clicking above.

Solid writing is the foundation to all publicity and promotional platforms. View my work by clicking above.

Strong research is the support to all publicity and promotional campaigns. View my work by clicking above.

Strong research is the support to all publicity and promotional campaigns. View my work by clicking above.

Multimedia platforms are the publicity and promotional tools taking ideas to the next level. View my work by clicking above.


Media Placements.

Television Placements allow me to connect brands with audiences at the national and local levels with visual and engaging segments. View my work by clicking above.

Print Placements allow me to help brands build credibility among audiences and target markets at the national and local levels. View my work by clicking above.

Nontraditional Placements are the innovative ceiling in which I strive to break through to help brands creatively connect with consumers. View my work by clicking above.


Related Experience.

Press Tours have allowed me to pitch and secure publicity, and work with talent at a local level.

View my Press Tour experience by clicking above.

On-Air Promotions have allowed me to build relationships with local TV and radio partners.


View my On-Air Promotions experience by clicking above.

Grassroots Efforts have allowed me to interact with and learn from the communities.


View my Grassroots Efforts experience by clicking above.

Hispanic Outreach has allowed me to understand and excel with multicultural strategies.


View my Hispanic Outreach expereince by clicking above.



Hello, my name is Jami Jacobs.


I am publicity and promotions professional, a teammate, a leader, a communicator, a dancer, a foodie, a movie enthusiast, and a Harry Potter fanatic. Albus Dumbledore once said, "It is our choices...that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities," and I agree. While I strive to enhance and increase my abilities, I also choose to be Loyal; I choose to be Caring; and I choose to be Proud. I've also chosen to be Passionate - passionate to learn, communicate, educate, and inspire.

I recently studied at DePaul University, in a nationally ranked PR program, and earned my Master's Degree in Public Relations and Advertising with a Concentration in Latino Media and Communications. I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my undergraduate degree, in which I received a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major concentration in psychology and a Spanish minor. 

I have been practicing communications for about six years, and currently freelance. A passionate project I recently worked on was for a local, family-owned business developing public relations and internal marketing strategies to increase a customer base and educate Chicagoans on winter car maintenance. Prior to that, I was an Account Executive at Fishman Public Relations, leading and supporting accounts across a wide variety of industries for franchise brands, such as restaurants, pet stores, and retail.  In the past, I've been a Publicity and Promotions Coordinator at Allied Integrated Marketing. At Allied, I handled local integrated marketing campaigns for film studios, such as Walt Disney Studios and Fox Searchlight Pictures. I was also a member of the Allied Contigo team, the Hispanic outreach division of Allied. My responsibilities ranged from grassroots outreach to talent press tours to creating promotional partnerships for soon to be released movies. Click on the resumé button below to read more about my professional career.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Pet Supplies Plus
Pixar Animation Studios
Jimmy John's
Red Bull North America
Marvel Studios
Teriyaki Madness


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Teriyaki Madness

At Fishman Public Relations, I managed the Teriyaki Madness team, leading, developing, and executing PR strategies for grand openings, business development, and consumer related campaigns.