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In my graduate Introduction to Public Relations course, the class was assigned A Little Bit Of Heaven, an all-male homeless shelter, as our class client. We chose a website restructure as the priority and initial step in a public relations plan to rebrand the shelter. We researched and implemented best methods in our updated website design. ALBOH was so impressed with our findings and design, that its director implemented the restructure as soon as possible.


You can watch our Pecha Kucha formatted presentation in the video on the right, and you can view the all new, revamped website here.

In my graduate Agency Management course, we were each assigned a major Chicago public relations agency to study, in which I chose Zapwater Communications. I independently researched the agency, to further understand its structure, culture, clients, and focus, by conducting an in-person interview with David Zapata, president of Zapwater. As a final presentation, I showcased Zapwater as if I were a member of their team and pitched a hypothetical client.

You can experience my presentation by navigating through the book to the left.

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